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long time no see weightloss tumblr.

been so busy with work and school, but i’ve been very good with eating right and what not!! got on the scale tonight…. it said 125.2 :)) happiest girl! prom is tomorrow and i’mkinda just like ehh about it but it’ll be fun no matter what!! promise i’ll blog more soon :)


I’ve been feeling pretty good lately guys! I’m at 126.4 right now and prom is on Saturday! I’m happy with where I am.. Ideally I wanna be 120 by summer/leave for Ireland. I’m planning to get back on the tumblr grind again!


i’m the busiest girl ever! i never have time to update much anymore!! :( i will soon.. promise



sad thing is is that i ate the last two cookies just so they won’t be there anymore!!! bahaha

i have got to start getting back into the swing of things!! proms not this weekend but next!


gnitsaf worromot


i have been so busy lately i have had no time to even check my blog! i just picked up what i was hoping to be my prom dress on april 28 but it doesn’t zip up just below the boob area… a good inch.. idk what i’m going to do if it doesn’t fit.. i’m so embarrassed idk… i’ve lost around 8 or 9 pounds but this is so depressing… i have 16 days till prom i’m in tears i have no idea how i’ll fit into it by then..


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